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fully automatic timesaving precise user-friendly




Fully automatic Vicat-measuring-system
Standalone model L:800 W:1050 H:1750(2300)mm

  • 15 samples measurable at the same time
  • Measuring range extension through fully automated measurement with two different loads(e.g.100g & 1000g)
  • Products with a liquid and with a firm consistency
  • Standing desk

  • all our systems contain:
  • Products with different bonding times measurable at the same time
  • Measuring outside of working hours possible
  • Precisely, immediately comparable measuring results (Vicat e.g.:DIN1168, EN13279-2, prEN 460-2, ASTM C191)
  • Exact measuring results by dynamic intervals and interpolation
  • Simple, waterless installation
  • Adjustable acoustic alarm with over- or underflow of the tolerance
  • Fully automatic cleaning of cone and needle
  • Automatic error detection in the proof mass
  • PC-system & software
  • Measurement option

  • test body
  • cone
  • needle 1 mm / 1,2mm
  • individual

  • loads
  • 100g & 1000g
  • 100g & 1100g
  • 100g & 300g
  • individual 100-300g & 300-3000g
  • Extension
    additional measurements

  • AVM-HUM-TEMP (1)

  • Measuring of humidity and temperature in the measuring system.

    Variations of temperature, which affect the settings behavior, will be documented and can be transferred to the measuring chart.
    e.g. sun exposure falsifies the measurement results. This will be visible and comprehensible now.

    For monitoring the current air humidity and temperature is constantly displayed.

  • AVM-IR-TEMP (2)

  • Infrared measurement for the detection of the sample surface temperature shortly before each injection.

    For products with temperature development gives the AVM-IR-TEMP additional information on the setting behavior.

    Control of the sample temperature
    e.g. when using a temperature bath(AVM-Temp-X)


  • AVM-Temp-6
  • 6 samples tempered / 5 outside

  • AVM-Temp-10
  • 10 samples tempered

  • For all AVM-Temp models:
  • Temper-bath for AVM-15
  • Temperature from +5 to +50°C
  • Progressively adjustable filling level
  • Modular assembly
  • Software

  • AVM-eXpert
  • Universal software for all measuring systems.
    (contained in the extent of supply)

  • Comfortable registration of extern data’s in the system
  • Export of data to all common databases
  • Graphical presentation for every sample
  • User-friendly, simple in the handling
  • Storage in the XML standard for easy readout of the measurement results with other programs

  • AVM-eXpert-View
  • View software for all measuring systems. Evaluating the measurement results at another workplace.